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1. Subsidy support for holding conventions

Subsidy Provider
Mito Tourism Convention Association
Subsidy Target
Convention organizers
Requirements for Basic Subsidy
  1. The venue is in Mito city.
  2. Based on the conference's title and the participants' place of departure,the convention is recognized as an event targeting an area equal to or larger than the Kanto region.
  3. The event is not regularly held in Mito city or in the surrounding municipalities.
  4. Neither the national government nor a regional government are hosts of the event.
  5. Not received subsidies from Mito City.
  6. There is no intent in profiting from the event through money-making conducts such as collecting entrance fee from an unspecified, great number of visitors.
  7. It is not a political or religious event.
  8. The event does not conflict with public order and morals.
Application deadline
The accompanying association must receive the application form with the tournament requirement and budget documents one month before the start of the event.

Calculation of Subsidy Amount

Basic Subsidy
Maximum number of participants per day Grant amount
Over 1,000 people 100,000 yen
500`999 people 50,000 yen
300`499 people 30,000 yen
200`299 people 20,000 yen
50`199 people 10,000 yen
Guest addition (added to Basic Subsidy)
Addition requirements Additional amount
Scale larger than national competition Documents of accommodation are required to be submitted by the end of September,during the year prior to the event. Out of all the participants of the convention coming from outside of the prefecture Guests staying in Mito city, 500 JPY per person (Up to 400,000 JPYj
Hospitality Subsidy
Bus For conventions in Mito 1/2 of the fees for
  1. (1)Transportation between venues
  2. (2)Rental buses for excursion to tourist locations in Mito city
    (Up to 30,000 JPY)
Entertainment For conventions in Mito 1/2 of fees for entertainment involving individuals or groups that
  1. (1)Reside in Ibaraki prefecture
  2. (2)Has connection to Mito City (reside in Mito, locate in Mito, activities centres around Mito, or other connections of similiar nature.)
    (Up to 20,000 JPY)

2. Other support

1. Support (Leading up to the Convention)
[Planning stage]
  • Introduction of the venue
  • Key person invitation
    1) Payment of travel expenses and other fees for prior visits by key person(s) *Consultation required (upper limit applies)
    2) Accompanying for inspection in Mito city
[Preperation stage]
  • Providing photo data, etc. for which this association has copy rights
  • Grant of sponsorship name
  • Assistance with advertisement
    Example) Posting information on our association's website and SNS, setting up flyers at the Mito Station Tourist Information Center
  • Consultation for detailed procedures, such as getting permission from city hall
    Example) Usage of municipal-owned land
Support (During convention)
  • Providing discounts on congress bags
  • Providing various information, such as tourism pamphlets for participants
  • Mito promotion DVD rental
  • Creating and posting of welcome posters
  • Creating and posting of welcome banners (conditions apply)
  • Introduction of entertainment
  • Dispatch of Mito City's Mascot Character "Mito-chan" *Consultation required
  • Dispatch of "Ume ambassador of Mito City Tourism" *Charge
  • Introducing souvenir shops
Support (Post-Convention)
  • Excursion and sightseeing course planning
  • Arrangement of volunteer guides (Kairakuen / Kōdokan / English explanation available *Consultation required)

For details, please contact the Mito Tourism Convention Association HP

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