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Ibaraki MICE Fan Club

A membership based fan club that aims to more effectively host international conferences and other events in Ibaraki Prefecture.
Members are able to enjoy a variety of benefits that are helpful in the hosting of international conferences and other events.
Member Requirements
  1. Someone who has a proposal for an international conference or other events that will be held in Ibaraki.
  2. Someone who is capable of cooperating in the publicity of associations like those listed below.
    • Putting up posters and mini flag posts of the MICE Promotion Council of Ibaraki Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as the gCouncilh) in the membersf office.
    • Mention gIn cooperation with the MICE Promotion Council of Ibaraki Prefectureh in created material, printed material and the homepage.
    • Installing banners with links to the conferencesf homepage and the Councilfs homepage.
    • Permitting the Council to take pictures of the venue and to post them on the Councilfs homepage.
[Requirements for target international conferences (including seminars and symposiums)]
  • The host of the conference must be an international institution/organization (including international branches) or a national institution/domestic organization.
  • The number of registered participants should in principle be over 10 people(*)
  • The number of participating countries, including Japan, should in principle be more than 3 countries(*)
However, those corresponding to the following will be excluded.
  • Hosting a conference that is already a regular occurrence in a municipality.
  • Those aiming to conduct political or religious projects/activities.
  • Those aiming to make a business profit.
  • Member of a violent gang organization provided in the Ibaraki Prefecture Elimination of organized crime syndicates (Ibaraki Prefecture Article 36 of 2010), as well as those hosting or co-hosting with gangs or individuals who pose a threat to society.
  • Those who violate public order and morality, as well as those recognized as inadequate targets for support.
*Domestic conferences and international conferences with less than 10 participants or only 2 participating countries will still be able to make use of 2 to 5 benefits.
Member Benefits

Benefit 1 Support Menu Corresponding to Number of Participants

  • Able to select your desired items within the range of points given according to the scale (number of participants) of the conference (free to combine).
  • Arrangements for those who desire more points than they were given are available for a fee.
  • Benefits will end when the budget maximum is reached. However, arrangements are available for a fee for those who desire these services.
  • Points will only be given to the corresponding conference, rolling over points is not possible.
  • Please apply online at least 2 months before the conference date. At the end of the conference, you will need to submit a survey online (Required).
Number of Participants Number of Points Given
10`29 Participants 1point
30`49 Participants 2point
50 Participants and up 3point
Support Menu
1P 125 cups of Saza Coffee
Ibaraki produced Japanese Sake used for receptions (about 12 bottles)
Local souvenir products
(confectionery, beverages, crafts, and other items, produced in Ibaraki prefecture)
300 conference bags (printed with the Councilfs logo)
2P 250 cups of Saza Coffee
3P 375 cups of Saza Cofee
*Please apply at your earliest convenience, as necessary preparations must be made. (Especially regarding signs and posters since there are instances when they cannot be installed based on the available space at the time)
*Points may be deducted and you may be asked to pay the price difference in case the actual number of participants is significantly less than the estimated amount designated at the time of the application.

Benefit 2Novelty presents (printed with the Councilfs logo) for every participants

You can choose from either clear folders, labels or magnifying cards.

Benefit 3Catering Food Truck Arrangements

We will plan for catering food truck arrangements for the venue.

Benefit 4Press Release Support

We will aid in providing documents to reportersf clubs of the prefecture.

Benefit 5Publicity Support

We will post conference information on the MICE Promotion Council of Ibaraki Prefecture Homepage.
Procedure for Receiving Benefits
Apply for membership and for the use of benefits Please send your inquiries to the MICE Promotion Council of Ibaraki Prefecture HomepageInquiries Form
Contact from a person in charge (meeting) Receipt of the application format, an overview of the conference, a name list of the officials of the conference and the executive committee (examination of the application contents).
Deciding the Support Menu Notification of the Support Decision
Delivery of the Support Menu Goods
Survey (Report on the benefits used) Submission of the survey.
Fare Adjustment of Amount Differences In case of an amount difference, we will request payment for the difference.

Those wishing to use the benefits

Please send in your inquiry with a description of the event information, and the contents and amount of benefits you wish to use.


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