Guide to holding International Conferences

While referring to the "International Conference Holding Manual (revised in March, 2015)" issued by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the first thing that must be done when associations and organizations who have successfully been invited to international conferences hold meetings, is deciding what must be done. Please help us to take the "First Step".

International Conference Working Schedule

Early Preparation (Phase 1)

Organizing committee
Decision that the conference will be held in Japan
Exchange of documents of agreement with the International Headquarters
Determining the venue and the dates
Launched of the Organizing Committee
Allotment of roles in the Implementation Committee
Making a letter expressing the intention to hold the conference
1. Finance / Fundraising
Set up the primary cash budget
Planning fundraisers and sponsors recruitment
Opening a bank account for the conference
Setting up a registration fee
Securing preparatory funds
2. Program
Drawing up the fundamental plan
Selection of the theme and the overall topics
Review of the conference program outline
Papers / Abstracts y 1zApplication Guidelines
3. Public relations
Formulating a plan for general publicity
Press release
First Announcement y 2zDistribution
4. Registration
Organization of a database and a mailing list
Deciding the of registration type and its classification
5. Venue / Execution on the day of the event
Deciding the venue
Formulating the venuefs plan of usage
Drafting up the first plan of execution
6. Social events / talent
Investigation of social events
7. Exhibition
Formulating the venuefs plan of usage
Review of the application outline
8. Accommodation / Travel
Considering and designating a travel agent
Investigation into hotels (price / number of rooms)
Selection of a hotel (price setting by rank)
9. Editing / Production
Logo Design
Creation of first announcement
Formulation of Production plan
Opening of website

Summary. A speech, lecture, presentation etc. summarized to a length of about 200 words to 500 words. The collection of these summaries is referred to as an "abstract collection (abstracts collection or summary collection)".

y2zFirst Announcement
The first announcement that will inform the public on events such as conferences.

See various manuals issued by JNTO including the "International Conference Holding Manual" hereiJapanesej.

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