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Hotel New Takahashi Kouyadai

From Tsukuba Ushiku IC of the Ken-ou-dou expressways, 2 minutes by car. Along National Route 408. In front of the Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science.
1 minute away from a convenient store.
Wi-Fi provided for all rooms.
Free parking. Parking available for large-sized vehicles.

Name of Facility
Hotel New Takahashi Kouyadai
3-18-5 Kouyadai, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, 305-0074 Japan
For details, please visit the homepage website.
Number of standard parking spotsFFor 40 vehicles
Wheelchair rampFZ
From Tsukuba Ushiku IC of the Ken-ou-dou expressways, 2 minutes by car
From Ushiku Station, Joban Line, 15 minutes by bus

Room InformationbAccommodations

Type of Rooms Area Number of rooms Price
Single Rooms 12㎡ 40rooms 4,800yen
Twin Rooms 22㎡ 8rooms 4,300yen
Japanese Style Rooms (in the case of 5 people) 19㎡ 9rooms 3,700yen

Room InformationbConvention

Room Area Capacity
School Theater Hollow Square Standing reception
Conference Rooms 24㎡ 24 - - -

Secondary Facilities

Dining Hall
Breakfast: 700 yen
Diner: 1100 yen
Seats available for 60 people

Conference Rooms
24 rooms

Coin-operated Laundry
2 washing machines, 2 drying machines

Bike Rental
3 bikes available for free

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