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Hotel BESTLANDSuite Room

No a business hotel nor a city hotel, Tsukuba's first comfortable hotel

Name of Facility
5-8-4 Kenkyu-gakuen Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 305-0817 Japan
For details, please visit the homepage website.
Number of standard parking spotsFFor 68 vehicles
Handicap parking spotsFFor 3 Vehicles
Accessible toiletFZ
Ostomate toilets on the first floor
One minute walk away from the Kenkyu-gakuen Station of the Tsukuba Express

Room InformationbAccommodations

Type of Rooms Area Number of rooms Price for one client Price for two clients
Single Rooms 18.4㎡ 59rooms 11,000yen 14,000yen
Double Rooms 18.4㎡ 30rooms 13,000yen 16,000yen
Corner Double Rooms 22.5㎡ 4rooms 14,000yen 17,000yen
Standard Twin Rooms 25㎡ 5rooms 14,000yen 20,000yen
View Bath Twin Rooms 36.4㎡ 8rooms 20,000yen 25,000yen
View Bath Twin Deluxe Room 40.3㎡ 1room 22,000yen 28,000yen
Accessible Single Room 22.5㎡ 1room 12,000yen -
Accessible Double Room 25㎡ 1room 14,000yen 20,000yen
Accessible Twin Room 34㎡ 1room 20,000yen 25,000yen

Room InformationbConvention

Room Area Capacity
School Theater Hollow Square Standing reception
Banquet Room 53㎡ 30 49 30 -

Secondary Facilities

La Porta
"La Porta"" means "door" in Italian.
A restaurant where adults and children can all enjoy a casual italian lunch/dinner.
A place that uses fresh ingredients, has a home-made Dolce, and transforms into a bar at night where a wide variety of wine is served.
For a reservation or a party, please come by!

Osaiya Wadaya
Japanese-style shabu-shabu (sliced meat) restaurant. A popular menu with pork meat cooked in a Kansai style with a sweet sauce and eggs. We have many dishes supervised by Akiko Wada including sake (Japanese liquor), dried fish, snacks, etc. Whether you prefer a counter or at a table, or a private room, we have everything prepared for you. Our establishment is optimal for banquets as well.
Sponsored by the singer Akiko WADA.

Bar Lucille
A discreet hotel bar for adults who want to bring their loved ones. Come enjoy a leisurely time with friends or colleagues. From Ibaraki local beers to foreign beers, wines, whiskey, and cocktails, we have a wide variety of items on our menu. So you can enjoy your time whether you come alone or not.

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