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About MICE Promotion Council of Ibaraki

About MICE

MICE is an acronym for Meeting, Incentive Travel, Convention, Exhibition / Event, and is a generic term for business events, where a large number of guests are expected.

Established in June 28 of 2018, the goal of the Promotion Council is to vitalize the prefecturefs economy by promoting it as a hosting ground for MICE, and appealing Ibaraki to the world while making the best out of foreign investment in cooperation to local economy.
  1. Attract MICE meetings to Ibaraki Prefecture
  2. Information gathering / transmission related to MICE
  3. Training and human resources development on MICE
  4. Other businesses required to achieve the councilfs objectives
Observer : Mito City, Mito Tourism & Convention Association
Executive Office
  • International Tourism Division Department of Business Strategy, Ibaraki Prefectural Government
  • Tourism Promotion Division, Economic Affairs Department, Tsukuba City
  • Tsukuba Tourism and Convention Association@jointly (Mainly Ibaraki prefecture)

Logo mark

  • logo markInspired by the shape of the earth and the prefecture, promoting MICE hosting to Ibaraki prefecture from a global perspective.
  • As economic exchanges progress through the MICE hosting, the shape of the prefecture logo was made as a shining glow on the whole planet.
  • In addition, the glows released in the four directions express the spirit of MICE organizers, MICE participants, the prefecture, and the global economy, showing a four-way collaboration for the benefits of all.
  • Based on the "Ibaraki Blue" used in the prefecture chapter, vivid orange color was used to be in harmonic contrast.
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