Trial Service of Frequent Highway Bus Starts!
Increase Accessibility between Tsukuba - Mito

In Ibaraki Prefecture, on October 1st (Tuesday) to promote inter-city collaboration between the prefectural capital Mito and Tsukuba Science City, expand the flow of population from inside and outside the prefecture, including inbound, and eventually revitalizing the entire prefecture.

Trial service to increase the frequency of express bus service will launch as listed in the following information.
This will greatly improve access between Tsukuba and Mito, please take advantage of the frequent buses for leisure before and after meetings.

Summary of Trial Service
Starting date 2019, Oct. 1st (Tuesday)
Main Stops

Mito-TsukubaiTM Linerj

Kairakuen-Mito Station South Exit-Kencho Bus Terminal-Ishioka(Highway)-Tsukuba Centre-University of Tsukuba
Current routes will remain unchanged, while morning and evening routes will go to University of Tsukuba.
yWeekends (Holidays)z
Mito Station South Exit-Daikumachi-Akatsuka Station North Exit-Ishioka(Highway)-Tsukuba Centre
Akatsuka Station route will provide access to Kairakuen, Prefectural Museum of History, Higashimachi Sports Park (Adastria Mito Arena) within Mito city.

Ibaraki Airport-Tsukuba

yAll dayz
Ibaraki Airport-Namiki Bridge-Takezono Nichome-Tsukuba Centre
Service Schedule

Mito-Tsukuba (TM Liner)(Current: 4 daily, weekdays only Increased: 16 daily for weekdays, 8 daily for weekends)

  • Mito, Tsukuba both direction for morning and evening commute of work or school, as well as work related-travels, business trips and sightseeing.
  • Night schedule for the nighttime economy (last departure from Mito/Tsukuba at 22:00)
Scheduled with regard to needs in sightseeing, leisure, and corresponding to the operation hours of tourist sites, business facilities, and events.

Ibaraki Airport-Tsukuba(Current: 4@ Increased 6j

yAll dayz
Increased frequency of flights corresponding to Taiwan flights (Sunday, Thursday)
Fee [Cash]1,050
[IC charge]1,020
Payment via IC cards (Suica, PASMO, etc.) is possible
Commuter Pass, Student Pass are available (only applicable for Mito-Tsukuba)

Information brochure

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